Adamites EP

by Be Bodies

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Home recorded in living room


released March 20, 2009

All songs written, performed, recorded by Bob Doto
All instruments Bob Doto



all rights reserved


Bob Doto Brooklyn, New York

Cataloguing my various music projects. Subjects include witchy incantations that keep rambling loves from straying, as well as ruminations on the importance of being pre-Fallen and post-Babylonian. Punk, noise, dancehall, folk, etc.

Bob is a founding member of jangly noise-punk band SPRCSS.
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Track Name: Body Not a Prison
Homosexuality at the end of 19th century
Became a class of citizen imprisoned in the DSM
Projected by the minds of men, women, and children.
All the same stupid fucks always looking to construct
The widest, thickest, tallest wall one that can never fall
So round them up and corral them all and seal them in the verbal
'Cause you're the german. You're the jew. Depends on your curfew.
All based on what you do. Sometimes by them sometimes by you.

Abe Lincoln slept with a man before he became president
He called it cozy, called it warm lived his life before the storm
Walt Whitman strong as an ox. Men and women shared his cock.
He loafed about covered in leaves. Laid with them all beneath the trees
But he liked men they say. Once was straight but now he's gay.
But, Whitman didn't never lie. He laid with them all until he died.

His body's boy's not a prison
Your body's not a prison
My body's not a prison
Track Name: Feel Yrself
Under California there's a rumbling Earth
Under NYC there's a pile of dirt
And under every tongue there's a violent storm
[lyrics missing]

The Babylon lie you call yourself
Written for you by someone else
[lyrics missing]
Depends on what you see and what you think

Now is the never said that holds the sun
Now is the understood rule of thumb
Now is your body as a sexual freedom
Now is your [lyrics missing] as a perpetual season

Wake up early before the sun rise
[lyrics missing]
[lyrics missing]
Feel yrself
Feel what yrself is like
Track Name: God Is...
God is the God of the adamite


God is the God of the adamite
God is the God of the sinless flesh
God is the God of Ali
God is the God of Truth, Love, Honesty

God is under and He's unseen
God is above and She's unseen

Running machine
I'm a running machine