In Yr Name

by Bob Doto

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This three-song EP was recorded at The Good House Reveler during the cold moons of late 2011. It was mastered by Gideon Crevoshay in Hudson, NY.


released January 7, 2012

Bob Doto: vocals, guitars, bass, piano, percussion

With back vocals by Gideon Crevoshay



all rights reserved


Bob Doto Brooklyn, New York

Cataloguing my various music projects. Subjects include witchy incantations that keep rambling loves from straying, as well as ruminations on the importance of being pre-Fallen and post-Babylonian. Punk, noise, dancehall, folk, etc.

Bob is a founding member of jangly noise-punk band SPRCSS.
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Track Name: In Yr Name
When the oceans turn to salt
And the mountains into plains
The Earth will grieve its dying groan
In yr name...

When the lion falls asleep
And the lamb accepts its pain
The vulture turns into the sky
In yr name...

When the family holds its breath
As the mother ends her days
Down the block a child is born
In yr name...

When parents come up short
And children are left out of the frame
Each will play their role to the line
In yr name...

So I do what my body does
'Cause it never has to explain.
And I do my best not to do any harm
In yr name...

And no matter where I go
And whoever I try to save
Even those that refuse me
They refuse me
In yr name...

So when I'm far from home
Please for me do the same.
When I cross every line you have drawn
I will do it
In yr name...
Track Name: When She Fell Out of the Tree
Oh, I've left these seeds for you, bird
That you might decide to choose, bird
This window as your home when you do, bird
Decide to sing your tune, bird

Thank you, but I don't need seeds, sir
I just need to sing and to breathe, sir
And there's nothing more that I really need, sir
As all things pass at their own speed, sir

But if you don't eat these seeds, bird
Than who's gonna sing and breathe for she, bird
When you go and fall out of your tree, bird
Just when she needs you more than me, bird

Oh, it's true I won't breathe for long, sir
And, I will not forever sing my song, sir
And, the wind won't forever guide me along, sir
No matter that your lady was once strong, sir

Oh, what will I do when you go, bird
And, the ground gets covered in its snow, bird
And, my lady continues to throw, bird
Her brain at the wind when it blows, bird

Look for me in the day, sir
And, look for me in the shade, sir
And, although you will not find me in any of these places, sir
The looking will make and keep you brave, sir